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VIN: 4UF07SNWX7T128901

Details info. on VIN: 4UF07SNWX7T128901
  • Year: 2007
  • Vehicle type: OFF ROAD VEHICLE
  • Vin: 4UF07SNWX7T128901
  • Suggested VIN: 4UF!7SNWX7T128901
  • Error Code: 4,14
  • Possible Values: (4:123456789)
  • Additional Error Text: In the Possible values section, the Numeric value before the : indicates the position in error and the values after the : indicate the possible values that are allowed in this position. Unused position(s): 4,6,7,8;
  • Error Text: 4 - VIN corrected, error in one position only (indicated by ! in Suggested VIN), multiple matches found; 14 - Unable to provide information for some of the characters in the VIN, based on the manufacturer submission.
  • Manufacturer Name: ARCTIC CAT INC.
  • Plant State: MINNESOTA
  • Note: Year Designator
  • Bed Type: Not Applicable
  • Source: Vpic

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